The Kettle Cooker Express


The Kettle Cooker Express LLC. 


     The Kettle Cooker Express cares about supporting the community.  Raising funds for your organization is easy when you have the right plan.  The Kettle Cooker Express LLC, would like to offer you the opportunity to sell our kettle corn as a fundraiser to benefit your organization.  Everyone loves the slightly sweet and salty snack that was previously only available at fairs.  This is a great way for schools, sports teams, youth groups and other non-profit groups to earn money.


     There are several ways you can go about operating your fundraiser.  The first is to take pre-paid orders, then go back and deliver the kettle corn.  Each member of your group may be required to sell a certain number of bags.  An added bonus - pre-paid orders give you your profits up front !  Or, you can order kettle corn, and have members of your group sell outside of high traffic places such as Wal-mart or other grocery stores.  If you are raising money for sports, you can sell bags at your games; or, door - to - door is always an option.  A combination of these ideas is a great way to guarantee maximum success.  For profit details you can contact us at or 540-580-3458.


      Whichever method you choose, we will be there to help you every step of the way.  We want to provide our customers with a quality product at a reasonable price.   


     The organizations below have been using us for their fundraiser needs:


        March of Dimes   



                                                                           Relay for Life                                      Northside High School                          



                                                              Glenvar High School                                   Salem High School